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Zaatar spice mix 30g

Forget boring meals! Spice up your life with a Middle Eastern twist! Zaatar is a spice blend bursting with flavor straight from the bustling markets of the Middle East. The combination of citrusy sumac, warming thyme, and nutty sesame seeds will tantalize your taste buds with every bite.


Zaatar is a culinary chameleon. It is perfect for hummus dipping and sprinkling on roasted veggies, meat and salads for a refreshing explosion. Mixed with olive oil zaatar transforms plain bread into an irresistible appetizer.


Ingredients: sumac, thyme, roasted sesame seeds, marjoram, salt


Contains dry spices only:

  • REDUCED salt
  • NO preservatives, coloring and additives
  • Packaged in a metal box, designed for long-term food storage, guaranteeing 100% airtightness and opacity, in which the spices are perfectly preserved and protected until opened.


Net weight: 30g

7,00 BGN
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