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Kitchen Essentials set 1

A set of the three essental spices in every kitchen - salt, paprika and black pepper. Contains Kalahari desert salt, Sweet Paprika Premium 150g and black pepper Tellicherry.


Kalahari desert salt comes from the Kalahari Desert where it is hand harvested from a natural lake, before being dried in the sun and then packaged. It is free of impurities and hardy, good quality salt. Contains many minerals and trace elements. It is one of the oldest - over 300 million years old.

Kalahari desert salt is very universal. Use it for cooking, baking, salads, vegetables, meat or fish.


Sweet paprika 180 ASTA is produced under strict control, guaranteeing high quality and purity of the production during the whole production cycle from the raw material to the final product. ASTA is a unit of measurement for determining the intensity of the color of paprika - a key indicator of its quality. The higher the value of ASTA, the stronger and more saturated the color, the richer and more noticeable the effect in the cooking.

Paprika 180 ASTA is a quality forgotten by the Bulgarian consumer. It has a deep red color, soft, sweet and noble taste and a characteristic and rich aroma of well-ripened red peppers.


Tellicherry pepper comes from the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in the Indian state of Kerala, on the coast of Malabar and is named after the port city of Tellicherry (Thalassery). There, the largest and almost fully ripe pepper fruits are hand-picked and dried.
Tellicherry pepper is very fragrant, nutty in taste and warmer,more intense than regular black pepper. Its smell reminds of tea and sandalwood. Its color is brown rather than black, which is due to the greater maturity of the grain at harvest. Therefore, it is often called a late-harvest pepper.

Use only freshly ground to perfectly bring out its full aroma. Ideal for all types of meat and vegetables.

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