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Black Kampot pepper 40g

  • Cat No: 76

Peppers from the Kampot region in Cambodia are among the best in the world. The hot climate around the shores of the Gulf of Thailand and the heavy clay soils form the ideal conditions for growing black pepper with excellent quality. Its cultivation is traditionally done by hand, it’s very labor-intensive and in the process no artificial fertilizers and pesticides are used. The color of Kampot pepper depends on the degree of ripeness and processing - Black Kampot is obtained from the still green pepper fruits. After harvesting, the grains are dried in the sun and the fermentation process causes them to turn black. Then only the best and thickest fruits are selected by hand.


Black Kampot pepper is characterized by its pleasant, powerful spiciness with hints of mint and eucalyptus.


Country of origin: Cambodia


Net weight: 40 g

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